Radio - a trusted ad medium (Source: YouGov, Global study: Which types of ads do people trust, 2021)
▪ 45% of Americans said they somewhat or very much trust advertisements heard on the radio

Listeners value radio - for news, entertainment, and companionship
▪ 48% of A18+ said radio puts them in a good mood (source: 2021 MRI-Simmons Fall Doublebase)
▪ 46% of A18+ say that the radio relaxes them (source: 2021 MRI-Simmons Fall Doublebase)
▪ Radio keeps listeners informed about local news (36%) (source: Jacobs Media Tech Survey 2022)
▪ 35% state radio improves their mood (source: Jacobs Media Tech Survey 2022)
▪ 33% of listeners say that radio keeps them informed of emergencies (source: Jacobs Media Tech Survey 2022)

Radio is a part of everyday life
▪46% of A18+ listen to radio 1 to 5 hours weekly while 33% of radio listeners listen 6+ hours per week (source: RAB; Statista, Radio Listener Monitor 2020)

Radio personalities connect with and influence listeners (source: Katz Radio Group, Our Media, 2019)
▪1 in 2 listeners have a favorite radio personality whom they have been listening to for an average of 8 years
▪Listeners (78%) share what they hear from their favorite personality with their family and friends
▪77% of listeners would try a brand recommended by their favorite radio personality
▪83% of radio listeners value and trust their favorite personalities' opinions